Don't Miss This: Unveiling the Power of Tibetan Healing Tradition For Painless Weight Loss

By Earl D. Brookes SEP 13, 2023
in  Medical Tech

Are you longing for a way to transform yourself like this woman and revitalize your life and experiences?

During the 14th Non-Communicable Disease Forum on Thursday 21st May in 2018, Dr. Amelia Sutton from Harvard Medical School shared this real case that during a Tibet tirp a man called Tenzin brought her visible 30-pound weight loss, which gives obesity research a brand-new direction and hope.

See What Happend On Sutton

Dr. Sutton has been conducting research on human health at Southwest Biomedical Research Institute since graduating from Harvard, and in 2017, she and her colleagues embarked on an adventure to the untouched beauty of nature in the Himalayas. 

Because of her belief in the harmonious connection between humans and nature, she also pursued this journey with academic inspiration

During her arduous hike in the mountains, Dr. Sutton experienced an unexpected misstep. As she stumbled and tumbled down the treacherous path, her thigh collided with a resilient tree trunk, causing it to swell instantly. 

In pain and seeking assistance, she was discovered by local Tibetan residents who rushed to her aid. 

The local Tibetan residents, known for their wisdom in traditional healing arts, came to her aid. Recognizing the severity of the situation, they carried her to a tranquil temple nestled amidst the mountains.

It was within these sacred walls that Dr. Sutton's path intersected with that of Tenzin, an aged monk revered for his mastery of an ancient foot massage technique, deeply rooted in the principles of acupressure.

Professional Massage Gives Miracle!

Tenzin, possessing profound knowledge of the body's acupoints and the flow of life force known as Qi, helped Dr. Sutton restore the circulation in her legs.

Guided by the wisdom passed down through generations, Tenzin carefully applied pressure to specific points on her feet, such as Kidney 1 (K1) and Spleen 3 (SP3), known for their profound effects on the body's energy balance.

As the sessions progressed, Dr. Sutton marveled at the transformative power of this ancient practice. Not only did her pain and swelling gradually subside, but to her astonishment, the stubborn fat in her legs began to dissipate, resulting in a remarkable weight loss of 30 pounds.

Harvard Made It Further

Driven by the desire to merge ancient wisdom with modern science, Dr. Sutton shared her incredible journey and findings with her mentors and peers at Harvard Medical School. 

Recognizing the immense potential of this discovery, Harvard Medical School launched the groundbreaking 'BioLymph' project, allocating a staggering $5,000,000 to further explore and harness the healing power of acupressure and circulation.

2 Years of dedicated research and collaboration led to the development of a revolutionary EMS Bioelectric Acupoints Unblocking Foot Massage Mat.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Tibetan foot massage and incorporating bioengineering principles, this innovative tool utilized bioelectric currents to stimulate the acupoints, such as K1 and SP3. 

These currents effortlessly traveled along the body's meridians, revitalizing the lymphatic system and replicating the effects of the traditional Tibetan foot massage.

BioLymph™ Helps Most of Us

Through extensive experiments involving 10,000 volunteers, all weighing over 220 pounds, the efficacy of this groundbreaking approach was indisputable.

An astounding 98.59% of the participants experienced weight loss of at least 20 pounds while enjoying improved overall health.

Among the remarkable success stories was Anna, whose unwavering determination and the transformative power of the massage mat led her to shed an incredible 183 pounds.

Now, the power of Tibetan healing tradition is accessible to all. With the BioLymph™ massage mat, a simple press of a button and a choice of mode and intensity can unlock a world of possibilities for your body. 

To enhance the treatment's effectiveness, they adjusted the device strength to send bioelectric current and penetrate fat cells, for quick absorption of natural ingredients and body cleansing that can help with:

Boost Fat Burning
Improve Blood Circulation
Prevent Lymphatic Blockage
Increase Energy

Whether you find yourself seated at work, in a state of relaxation, or engaged in stretching exercises, this remarkable tool stands ready to penetrate stubborn fat deposits throughout your body, ensuring a transformative experience whenever you desire.

Since the bioelectric finished promoting on May 15th in 2020, they hired a professional team to track the results of users in case anyone got uncomfort from it for at least a half year. Fortunately and promisingly, this product generally suitable for the public.

Millions of users have gained benefits from it!

So many successful examples give Dr Sutton's team great confidence to recommended BioLymph™ to the public to solve their obesity issues and return to confident life, not just for getting beauty and slim in a no-waiting period, but also for their better health and absolutely no rebound effect!

How Much Does It Cost?

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